Factors That Could Affect A Smog Test 

Many states are beginning to become more eco-friendly. Arizona is doing its part by reducing the emissions produced by vehicles. Residents throughout Phoenix and Tucson are required to pass a smog test - as well as those who regularly commute into those areas.

At Larry Green Auto Center, we offer a hassle-free DMV experience so you can get the smock check and your certificate on the same day.

Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, and other top models need to pass smog tests - and it's a requirement for any vehicle over 1967. There are also a few exemptions, including vehicles that are newer than six years old.

It's important to know all that can affect a smog test, however. By attending to your vehicle and taking care of all necessary repairs, it will make it easier for you to ass the smog test.

Old Oil

When you have old oil circulating through your engine, it's important to remember that the oil is dirty and contaminated. The fumes from all of that old oil move around the engine area and burn off as part of the combustion.

You'll want to get an oil change before a smog test. This way, the engine filter is cleaned out and you have fresh, clean oil circulating through your engine. When there isn't anything dirty to burn off, it will reduce the emission levels.

Cold Engine

Often, cars need a bit of time to heat up. It ensures that all of the fluids move around properly and the engine has a chance to reach its full potential. If you head to a smog test with a cold engine, you may find that it won't pass on the first round.

Warm up your engine by driving around town for at least 20 minutes. As the fuel and the rest of the fluids move around, it can help combustion levels to get to where they need to be.

Improperly Inflated Tires

If you have improperly inflated tires, either too high or too low, it can lead to an unstable drive. One of the reasons why this is a concern during a smog test is because a technician will leave your vehicle running on a stationary machine. If your vehicle is slightly askew, it can lead to issues.

The best solution is to use a home air pump or use the air at a gas station. Either way, verify the PSI levels recommended by your car. Then, get all four tires to the recommended level so that you can schedule the test with confidence.

Check Engine Light is On

One of the most commonly ignored issues on cars is the 'check engine' light. When this is illuminated, it highlights that there's a problem that needs your attention. There may be an issue with your oil or with some other issue.

Many smog technicians will refuse the test if they see the illuminated light, which means that it's an auto fail. Rather than waste your time and money for this to happen, it's best to pay attention to the light and bring it to your mechanic. Once the light goes out, you can schedule the test.

Malfunctioning Catalytic Converter

When you have issues with your catalytic converter, it's going to have a negative impact on emissions. In fact, it may be one of the main reasons why you won't pass the smog test.

It's not uncommon for older cars to have a malfunction in this area. Cars that are 20 to 30 years old may go through two, three, and even four catalytic converters over the course of its life.

If it's been at least five years since you've replaced this part, it might be time to replace it again before you schedule your test.

Book Your Smog Check Today

Regardless of the model that you have, you can visit us at Larry Green Ford. Our AutoCenter has the means to provide you with a quick, affordable $99 smog check. Once you have the certificate, you can ensure that you're compliant with state regulations.

Simply call us at (760) 921-3673 to book your appointment or schedule an appointment online. We'll have you in and out quickly so that you can prove that you're doing your part to reduce emissions.



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